Bachelor degree

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration

Awarded by

The Diploma is accredited by TQUK (a well-established and highly regarded Ofqual registered Awarding Organisation).

Course Overview

This degree combines a functional, sector or industry-based specialisation underpinning a generic business management curriculum. It will equip successful students with the requisite knowledge and understanding to conduct modern business and allows them to pursue the demands of a specific industry or topic area within the holistic framework of business administration.


Assessments are based wholly on coursework and/or assignments submitted by learners.

Entry Requirement

Advanced Standing/ Exemptions/ Credits Transfer (APL)

Consideration for the above for students admitted onto the programme may be considered either at the beginning of a programme, or beyond the beginning of a programme, through an assessment of that student’s prior learning, whether certificated or un-certificated. The process for making such a decision known as the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) is a matter of academic judgment exercised by the appointed panel considering applications and approvals of APL.

Where cohorts of students are to be admitted with advanced standing on a regular basis, the arrangement should be subject to an Academic Progression Agreement.

Overall Programme Outcomes

On completion of this programme, learners will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding of:


The skills necessary to:

Deploy the following transferable skills:

Programme Structure

The Level 5 Higher Diploma in Business Administration accrues 120 credits over 8 modules.
Each module carries 15 credits and are in:

Module 1: Business Planning for New Venture

Module 2: Strategic Management

Module 3: International Human Resource Management

Module 4: Business Innovation

Module 5: Digital Marketing Essentials

Module 6: E-Commerce and Digital Economy

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