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Master of Arts in Marketing

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The Master's degree is accredited by TQUK (a well-established and highly regarded Ofqual registered Awarding Organisation).

Course Overview

The Master of Arts in Marketing is a 90 ECTS credits programme. It is a dual award Master programme where graduates will receive a Master of Arts in Marketing from (i) Brittany Université, France and (ii)UCAM- Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain.

This programme is designed to provide an analytical, business-focused curriculum to develop your skills as an innovative and strategic marketer.


Selected modules will contain one work-based management report with word limitations of usually between 4,000 – 4,500 words. Each module document will outline the specific word limit. Normally the expected presentation of reports should be structured as outlined below.

Entry Requirement

Overall Programme Outcomes

Learners graduating from the Master’s in Marketing will be able to:

Programme Structure

The Master of Arts in Marketing has a total of 90 ECTS credits.
Each core module accrues 10 ECTS credits, and there is a 30 ECTS credit Research Project.

The five Common Core Modules has 10 ECTS credits each for

Module 1: Strategic Marketing Management

Module 2: Marketing Analytics

Module 3: Social Media Marketing

Module 4: Understanding Consumer Buying Behaviour

Module 5: Business Research Methodology


Global Marketing/Digital Marketing

The Research Project has 30 ECTS credits

The Research Project can be started after completing the 6 Common Core Modules

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